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Dispenser Inline Breakaway

Inline breakaway designed for use in both public and private CNG refueling stations.

Protects CNG dispensers from drive-away incidents by separating and isolating the dispenser from the fill hose. Upstream part light weight design reduces dispenser damage in case of breakaway event.

Vent Hose Breakaway

Full Flow Manifold with Two SAE Load/Unload Ports for Quick Release Couplers.

To be used in dispenser vent hoses only. Gas trapped in vent hose will be vented to atmosphere once separated in case of a drive-away incidents .

Trailer Inline Breakaway

Industry leading flow rates, all stainless steel construction providing corrosion and wear resistance.

Only CNG 1” inline breakaway on the market.

3Part No.
GroupInline Breakaways
Product NameInline Breakaways
Short DescriptionSicherheitsvorrichtung zur Vermeidung von Personen- und Sachschäden während eines Wegfahrunfalls bei einer CNG-Betankung. Die Vorrichtung ermöglicht die Trennung der Schlauchleitungen und unterbricht den Gasfluss. Größen sind 3/8", 3/4" & 1".
DescriptionProtects CNG dispensers and trailers from drive-away incidents by separating and isolating equipment from the fill hose.
Sizes3/8" (9.525mm), 1 5/16", 1 5/8", 3/4", 1" available
Maximum Temperature150 °F (65 °C)
Minimum Temperature-58 °F (-50 °C)
Maximum Pressure312.5 bar (4532 psi)
Material Body6061 or 7075 Aluminium
CertificatesCompliant to sections of ANSI/IAS NGV4.4-1999 except separation force and removal of back flow bleed which complies with AS5092-2009.
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Specification Sheet
IB108 Inline Breakaway - Bedienungsanleitung
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